S&P 500 Catholic Values Strategy

Q3 2022 | September 30, 2022

Annualized Returns (%) 

QTD YTD 1 Year 3 Years 5 Years 7 Years 10 Years Since Inception1
Gross of fees -4.66 -18.44
Net of fees -4.70 -18.49
Benchmark -4.88 -17.23
1 Inception Date: February 28, 2022 2 Benchmark: S&P 500


Portfolio Weight Benchmark Weight
Excess return (gross since inception) -1.21%
Excess return (net since inception) -1.26%
Holdings 444 503
P/E using FY1 est 16.2 16.1
P/E using FY2 est 14.9 15.0
Dividend yield 1.7% 1.8%
Historical 3 year EPS growth 18.2% 18.8%
Weighted average market cap in $M $450,059.00mm $468,654.84mm

Sector Weights (%)

Portfolio Weight Benchmark Weight

Communication Services 8.09 8.07
Consumer Discretionary 11.84 11.72
Consumer Staples 6.76 6.88
Energy 4.58 4.55
Financials 11.14 10.01
Health Care 14.70 15.11
Industrials 7.85 7.88
Information Technology 26.61 26.40
Materials 2.64 2.51
Real Estate 2.67 2.80
Utilities 3.14 3.07

Top Ten Holdings (%)

Portfolio Weight
Apple Inc. 6.96
Microsoft Corporation 5.80
Amazon.com, Inc. 3.36
Tesla Inc 2.37
Alphabet Inc. Class A 1.91
Alphabet Inc. Class C 1.72
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B 1.59
Procter & Gamble Company 1.48
CVS Health Corporation 1.37
Exxon Mobil Corporation 1.22

Distinguishing Attributes

  • Structured and disciplined investment process
  • Customized to incorporate catholic values considerations
  • Experienced investment team
  • Corporate culture built on client service and diversity
Portfolio characteristics are subject to change, and current holdings may differ. Past performance is not an indication of future results. Returns are presented gross and net of management fees and include the reinvestment of all income. GIPS-compliant performance information for the firm’s strategies and products are available upon request at info@xponance.com. Results represent preliminary data which is subject to change.

Portfolio Management

Sumali Sanyal, CFA

Managing Director, Senior Portfolio Manager, Systematic Global Equities

Cameron McLennan, CFA

Director, Portfolio Manager, Systematic Global Equities

About Xponance®

Xponance® is a multistrategy investment firm offering strategies across equity and fixed income. We are independent and employee owned by women and diverse professionals, whose common passion is to do the right thing for our clients and each other. Xponance® is the successor firm representing the integration of two great legacy firms, FIS Group, Inc. and Piedmont Investment Advisors, LLC

Investment Philosophy & Process

This strategy is designed to provide clients with an S&P 500 index-like strategy aligned to Catholic values. This strategy meets the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) socially responsible guidelines. The proxy voting for securities in this strategy is also done in accordance with catholic values.

Portfolio Facts


Inception date 2/28/2022
Assets in strategy $9.1mm
Benchmark S&P 500
Predicted tracking error Less than 1.5%
Sectors B/m ± 0.5%
Annual Turnover 4-10%
Min. investment $10mm
Vehicles available Separately managed