Emerging Manager Ecosystem

The Xponance® Ecosystem is a critical resource for sourcing, seeding and funding high performing investment products offered by emerging managers for client accounts. It provides an important complement to our investment manager coaching, product beta testing and strategic advice.

The Xponance® Ecosystem, launched in 2012, connects emerging managers with sources of working capital via our angel investor network. The Ecosystem also provides managers with discounted access to critical products and services including OMS software, outsourced compliance providers and legal firms.

The Ecosystem addresses common challenges faced by investment management entrepreneurs in today’s environment. Many of these challenges result from lack of seed capital opportunities from private investors as well as small capital bases to fuel operations, identify talent and raise assets.

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The Xponance® Ecosystem supports and nurtures the growth of our managers by attempting to address their development challenges, in two tangible ways.

Investor Network

This is a group of high net-worth and private investors who have agreed to evaluate and potentially commit operating capital to entrepreneurial managers referred to them by Xponance® Product Specialists. Managers who are deemed attractive prospects for this network are referred to investors (only at discretion of Product Specialists).

Preferred Vendor Platform

Pre-arranged discounts with select experienced service providers are available to aid in the growth and establishment of institutional quality operations, marketing, and compliance processes. Platform can be accessed directly through the Ecosystem webpages within our Manager Research Database.

A Vendor Network is Key to Successful Early Stage Sourcing

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Portfolio Management


Investment Operations

Investment Research


APX Stream is the largest independent investments data management and distribution firm in the world. As a sole proprietorship APX Stream has no conflicts of interest. Leveraging a proprietary SQL database, APX Stream warehouses and distributes periodic quantitative, qualitative, and documents information to over 50+ potential destinations on an asset managers distribution list including consultant databases, due diligence questionnaires, and marketing collateral generators.





Human Resources


Criteria for Ecosystem Candidates

  • All existing Xponance® buy-list managers
  • Managers currently in the due-diligence process
  • Investment process/product must be viewed by the sponsoring Xponance® Manager Research Analyst as competitive and compelling
  • Manager is considered to have high caliber investment professionals
  • Manager is a competent entrepreneur(s) that simply lacks infrastructure or capital

For more information about the Xponance® Ecosystem, please log into our Manager Research database or contact Cesar Gonzales, Jr. at cgonzales@xponance.com or +1.215.567.1100.

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