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In 2011, FIS Group published a research paper which analyzed the drivers of entrepreneurial (or smaller) manager outperformance in US equity strategies from 2006-2010.1 While the study illustrated out-performance for five out of seven long-only equity investment styles offered through smaller managers/strategies (based on assets under management (AUM)) relative to their larger manager peers, it also detected the apparent beginnings of diminishing excess returns to fundamental active equity management strategies in the post-financial crash period. The most marked erosion of return has been observed among active Large Growth and Large Core products. By the end of 2012, the S&P 500 Index had risen over 100% since the market bottom in March 2009; but as a class, U.S. Large Cap active managers have been underperforming the market benchmark with a tenacity that is troubling. The paper analyzes several key questions including:

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