At our just concluded 20th anniversary FIS investment conference in Philadelphia, we were privileged to have a guest speaker Professor Vivek Wadhwa. Prof. Wadhwa is an entrepreneur, author, and researcher at Carnegie Mellon University focused on the implications of the present revolutions in various aspects of technological innovation. In his entertaining and insightful address, Prof. Wadhwa profiled the radical advances and efficiencies in basic health care that are expected to dramatically drive down the costs of basic health care worldwide.1 These include technologies that are already available such as EKGs, glucose tests, HIV, syphilis, eye exams, and more from affordable smartphone assisted devices. On the market in India, but still yet to be deployed elsewhere, is the Swasthya Slate, a health tablet that can be used by any literate nurse to run dozens of diagnostic tests for pennies on the dollar that used to require hundreds if not thousands of dollars each and require long journeys to specific health facilities and onsite laboratories. Together with the myriad of other innovations including telemedicine and others is the prospect of substantially more affordable levels of basic health care for billions of consumers worldwide.

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