Press Release

PHILADELPHIA, PA – FIS Group and its wholly owned subsidiary, Piedmont Investment Advisors, announced today that, effective April 1, 2020, they are rebranding into a newly formed combined corporate entity, Xponance®. The company has $9.5 billion* in assets under management, remains 100% employee owned, and maintains the existing ownership structure. Clients’ current portfolio management teams, as well as their investment philosophies and processes, remain in place.

Derived from the word “exponent,” and pronounced to accent the first syllable, the name Xponance® denotes a focus on delivering exemplary levels of performance and client engagement through a broader platform of investment solutions.  The word exponent also means an advocate who embodies and promotes the truth; giving voice to the firm’s tagline: “Your Success ∙ Our Passion”.

Xponance® retains their two locations in Philadelphia, PA and Durham, NC. The employee-owned firm is led by an experienced team of women and diverse professionals with a shared passion to do the right thing for their clients, communities and each other. Xponance’s offerings encompass active global equities implemented through customized entrepreneurial investment solutions, systematic global equities (both active and passive) and U.S. fixed income (active, with differentiated exposure from clients’ chosen benchmarks). As part of their commitment to higher level engagement, they will also work with clients to access their proprietary manager evaluation, selection and portfolio construction software, Aapryl, to assist their clients’ evaluation and monitoring of their publicly traded investment portfolios.

“We believe that every day we must earn the privilege to serve our clients who will continue to be served by the same high caliber portfolio management and client service professionals with whom they currently interact,” said Tina Byles Williams, Xponance’s CEO, CIO and Founder. “Market environments and client needs change. The Xponance® brand’s multi-strategy investment solutions profile — which spans the liquidity spectrum to offer a full complement of equity (active and passive); fixed income (active); U.S., Non-U.S. and Global strategies, allows us to be more responsive to our clients’ changing asset allocation requirements and provide higher level insights and engagement ,”  she continued.

McCullough Williams, III, President and COO of Xponance®, added: “After a successful integration of the two firms, we have created a platform of discrete multi-asset investment solutions that leverage shared administrative, market research, technology and operational resources.  Consequently, we are a stronger and more durable firm that is built to withstand industry changes and even the extreme market volatility that we are currently undergoing.”

About Xponance®

Xponance® (, is a multi-strategy investment firm whose mission is to enhance the wealth and financial security of our clients, employees and community. It is employee owned by women and diverse professionals with a common passion to do the right thing for our clients, our communities and each other. Xponance® is the successor firm representing the integration of two legacy companies, FIS Group, Inc. and Piedmont Investment Advisors, Inc. Based in Philadelphia, PA and Durham, NC, Xponance® specializes in active global equities, implemented through customized entrepreneurial investment solutions for institutional investors, systematic global equities (active and passive) and U.S. fixed income (active) with approximately $9.5 billion* in assets under management.

Aapryl, a financial technology company offering manager selection, portfolio construction and monitoring solutions, and A Good Measure Foundation, are wholly owned subsidiaries of Xponance®.

*Xponance® AUM as of 2/29/2020

Tina Byles Williams
CEO & CIO, Founder, Xponance®
McCullough William, III
President and Chief Operating Officer, Xponance®