ESG metrics are holistically incorporated in the investment process of our strategies:

Active Global Equities

The multi-manager platform emphasizes diversity and inclusion and strong firm governance in our sub-manager evaluation process. We strive to provide opportunity for diverse and female owned firms and evaluate the full DEI profile of all partner firms, including helping them improve their practices over time. We only invest with boutique, employee-owned firms where strong governance practices are essential.

Systematic Global Equities

We incorporate ESG data from Sustainalytics in stock selection or portfolio construction for all our active strategies. We also manage index-like strategies with ESG overlays. Our partnership and exclusive agreement with As You Sow has led to the launch of our DEI & ESG focused strategy.

U.S. Fixed Income

We utilize ESG data from Sustainalytics to screen out potential corporate investments that have low ESG ratings, with an emphasis on governance. We also use this data to evaluate existing holdings and monitor the impact changes in ESG scores may have on risk premia going forward.

Proxy Voting

Xponance uses ESG Proxy Voting guidelines from As You Vote to vote proxies for its clients. The As You Vote slate is developed and maintained in partnership with Proxy Impact, a proxy voting firm, based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

Current ESG Data Sources

As You Sow is a non-profit leader in shareholder advocacy. Under an exclusive agreement with As You Sow, their Racial Justice and Workplace Equity Scores are used to create strategies focused on DEI issues.

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ESG Risk Ratings from Sustainalytics measure a company’s exposure to material ESG risks and how well a company is managing those risks. These ratings are used in all our active strategies.

Community Social Responsibility

Xponance was formed to act as a catalyst for positive change. We seek to make a difference every day not only by connecting investors with innovative investment strategies and research but also by giving back. We organize and support impactful initiatives designed to foster financial literacy, democratize access to capital, and invest in the communities we serve.